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Everything about the shower standing handle

Anyone who needs physical assistance to stand or move in a shower or tub can benefit from shower standing handles, which can increase safety. In a shower when the floor is wet and hazardous, the added benefit of a shower standing handle for stability and to pull or push on while moving about helps reduce the likelihood of falling or slipping. 

For people with disabilities or elderly people who are aging and losing their physical stamina and balance, these are helpful tools. Small tasks that we used to complete automatically as we age start to present a problem. As we get older, some of these tasks can really become risky. One such task is taking a bath or a shower. 

How to Correct Shower Standing Handles?

Mostly, 37.3% of accidents happened while someone was taking a bath, taking a shower, or exiting the tub or shower. You may take a lot of precautions to avoid accidents and slips and falls in the restroom. Non-slip shower shoes and bath mats are terrific places to start. Installing grab rails or shower standing bars into your shower or bath to prevent slipping is another very practical bathroom improvement. 

To be clear, a shower handle that may be used to transition from a seated to a standing posture is referred to here as a “standing” handle. Depending on the size of the shower and the user’s capabilities and limitations, this can have handles of various sizes. This kind of shower standing handle is often referred to as a grab bar. While they can be used to transition from one sitting posture to another, their placement on the shower wall affects how they should be utilized. 

Here, we’ll focus on standing, or transitioning from a seated to a standing position, as opposed to a seat to a seated position. For the latter, a shower transfer bench in conjunction with lower-level grab bars will be most effective. However, grab bars and standing handles both operate under the same general rules. Both of the intended purposes of this post should find it useful. Fixed rails are safer since they are more stable. 

The drawback is that they need considerable installation work, and if you don’t place them exactly where you want them, moving them is a major undertaking. When they are removed, you are also left with the task of mending the holes. Removable rails should not be used if you need to support your entire body weight because they rely on suction to hold, which makes them potentially unstable and unable to bear your weight. Their benefit is that they may be utilized while traveling and are simply moved if necessary. 

Types of shower standing handle

1. Fixed standing handle

Your bathroom’s fixed shower standing handle is permanently fastened there using screws or adhesive. The fact that these handles are composed of robust materials like stainless steel or other materials gives the user a sense of security. Before installing fixed bar gear, you must be extremely wise and cautious. You might be asking why at this point. This is due to the fact that these are fixed items that you will use for years. As a result, you must choose the ideal location for installing these shower standing handles; the height at which you will be placing the handles should be ideal, as well as the area in which you will drill holes, among other things. 

2. Removable standing handle

You might also discover a range of removable shower standing knobs because almost anything is. This style of shower standing handle is suction-mounted to the bathroom walls. These plastic gear bars can be fastened to flat, non-porous surfaces like tile, acrylic, or glass. If you connect them to certain grout lines or rough surfaces, they might not work as well. However, the drawback of having these standing handles in your bathroom is that they aren’t as strong and resilient as the permanent shower standing handles. Therefore, caution is advised when utilizing it to support the entire body. 

3. Weight-bearing capacity

in order to assist you. Knowing how much weight a gear bar can support is crucial information to have when purchasing one. Typically, depending on a number of different conditions, the handles can support up to 150 to 300 pounds. However, it is always preferable to pick an item that can hold the most weight in order to use the support without feeling any strain. Making the choice of a handle with a weight-bearing capacity of about 400 pounds would be considered preferable. 

4. Material

You could be wondering why it is so right at this point. This is due to the fact that a shower standing handle is something you use to hold yourself, therefore if the material isn’t good, it may shatter and create mishaps. The most popular materials for shower standing handles are plastic, vinyl, and stainless steel. But since steel bar gears are a far superior option to alternatives, most people decide to use them. 

5. Style

Everything in the modern period is about appearance. Standing shower knobs come in a variety of forms these days. You must pick the greatest one for your bathroom from those that are curved, straight, and have a sleek appearance, as opposed to those that are thicker. So, before making a purchase, be extremely certain about the handle size. 

You can estimate the size of the space where you want to install the gear bar and shop for shower standing handles accordingly for better and more successful results. Because if you buy a large gear bar, you can run into problems like it blocking the door from opening completely, making the area look crowded, or anything else. 

Benefits of a shower standing handle

  • It is advantageous for elderly persons. Beneficial for people with arthritis.
  • It provides assistance to those who have sustained injuries.
  • It provides assistance to patients who are recovering from surgery.
  • This provides protection to anyone who might require any physical assistance.
  • Also makes you independent because you won’t require assistance from others to use the restroom. 

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